Legacy 600 EMB-135BJ



Equipped Price

$ 27,450,000

Pax Exec



The Legacy 600 is based on the ERJ 135 model, but includes added range with extra fuel tanks in the tail and forward of the wing, added winglets and an extensive drag reduction. It also is certified to FL410 vs. FL370 for the airline configuration. The Legacy 600 competes on the upper end of the small to mid sized range of business jets. It is unique in having nearly the exact opposite design progression as the rival Canadair Challenger. The Legacy 600 was derived from the established Embraer ERJ 145 family regional jet, while the Canadair Regional Jet was developed by Bombardier from the Challenger business jet. Both lines of aircraft are direct competitors. Embraer has since launched lines of aircraft such as the Phenom 300 and the Lineage 1000 to compete with Bombardier in all markets. It has typical seating for 13 passengers in three partitioned sections, or seating for 19-37 in airline-style seats on the Legacy Shuttle. In the cockpit, the Legacy also includes a Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics suite, with a full glass cockpit.

Relative to Competitors in Class

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Performance Stats

Noise (db) 79.7/86.8/91.3
Exterior Length (ft) 86.4
Exterior Height (ft) 22.2
Exterior Wingspan (ft) 69.5
Cabin Length Net (ft) 42.4
Cabin Height (ft) 6
Cabin Width Max (ft) 6.9
Engines 2 RR AE 3007 A1E
Output (lbs) 7,953/ISA+22C
Inspection Interval (hours) OC
Max Takeoff Weight (lbs) 49,604
Max Payload (lbs) 5,193
Useful Load (lbs) 19,677
Executive Payload (lbs) 2,600
Available Payload with Max Fuel (lbs) 1,507
Take Off Distance - Sea Level/ISA (ft) 5,551
Take Off Distance - 5000ft /25degs (ft) 7,525
Max Certificated Altitude (ft) 41,000
High Speed - True Airspeed (kts) 455
Max Payload Range - (NM) 2,450
Max Fuel Range - (NM) 3,361
600nm Trip Flight Time 1+30
600nm Trip Fuel Used 3,109
1000nm Trip Flight Time 2+29
1000nm Trip Fuel Used 4,791