Premier IA Model 390


Hawker Beechcraft

Equipped Price

$ 6,612,450

Pax Exec



The Model 390 Premier I is an all new entry level corporate jet designed to compete head on with Cessna's highly successful CitationJet/CJ1/2 series. The Premier I was designed using CATIA computer aided design. Features include its composite carbonfibre/epoxy honeycomb fuselage, swept metal construction wings, T-tail and two WilliamsRolls FJ-44 turbofans. The composite fuselage is an important feature for a number of reasons. Firstly, advanced production techniques (using computer controlled automated machines) means a Premier I fuselage can be constructed in just one day, whereas a conventional airframe would require one to two weeks to complete. The composite construction also allows greater (approx 13%) internal cabin space compared with a conventional construction fuselage of the same external dimensions. The Premier I is certificated for single pilot operations. The flightdeck features the new Collins Pro Line 21 EFIS avionics suite with two 20 x 25cm (8 x 10in) flat panel LCDs. Hawker launched the Premier 1A in 2006, with improved brakes, a new interior and an Integrated Flight Information System (i.e. Electronic Charts) on the Multi Function Display (MFD).

Relative to Competitors in Class

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Performance Stats

Noise (db) 78.3/87.9/92.0
Exterior Length (ft) 46
Exterior Height (ft) 15.3
Exterior Wingspan (ft) 44.5
Cabin Length Net (ft) 11.2
Cabin Height (ft) 5.4
Cabin Width Max (ft) 5.5
Engines 2 Wms Intl FJ44-2A
Output (lbs) 2,300/ISA+13C
Inspection Interval (hours) 3,500t
Max Takeoff Weight (lbs) 12,500
Max Payload (lbs) 1,400
Useful Load (lbs) 3,990
Executive Payload (lbs) 1,200
Available Payload with Max Fuel (lbs) 320
Take Off Distance - Sea Level/ISA (ft) 3,792
Take Off Distance - 5000ft /25degs (ft) 6,888
Max Certificated Altitude (ft) 41,000
High Speed - True Airspeed (kts) 451
Max Payload Range - (NM) 787
Max Fuel Range - (NM) 1,360
600nm Trip Flight Time 1+33
600nm Trip Fuel Used 1,433
1000nm Trip Flight Time 2+30
1000nm Trip Fuel Used 2,231