Caravan CE-208-675



Equipped Price

$ 2,022,450

Pax Exec



With over 1000 aircraft manufacturered, the Caravan is a popular utility workhorse.The Caravan I has had a close association with US package freight specialist Federal Express (FedEx), on whose request Cessna especially developed two pure freight versions. The first of these was the 208A Cargomaster (40 delivered), the second was the stretched 208B Super Cargomaster (260 delivered). The first Super Cargomaster flew in 1986 and features a 4ft (1.22m) stretch and increased payload capacity. FedEx's aircraft lack cabin windows. The 208B Grand Caravan first flew in 1990 and like the Super Cargomaster is a stretched version of the basic Caravan powered by a 675shp PT6A-114. Announced at the 1997 NBAA convention, the 208-675 has replaced the basic 208. It combines the standard length airframe of the 208 with the more powerful PT6A-114 of the 208B. Underbelly cargo pods, floats and skis are offered as options on the Caravan I family, and the type is easily converted from freight to passenger configurations. Soloy is offering a dual-engine conversion of the 208B, named Pathfinder 21. This version is powered by a 1329shp (997Kw) Pratt & Whitney Canada/Soloy Dual Pac powerplant, consisting of two PT6D-114A engines driving a single propeller. Other distinguishing features of the Pathfinder 21 include a 72in cabin stretch behind the wing and a large integral cargo pod.

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Performance Stats

Noise (db) 79
Exterior Length (ft) 37.6
Exterior Height (ft) 14.8
Exterior Wingspan (ft) 52.1
Cabin Length Net (ft) 12.7
Cabin Height (ft) 4.5
Cabin Width Max (ft) 5.3
Engines P&WC PT6A-114A
Output (lbs) 675
Inspection Interval (hours) 3,600t
Max Takeoff Weight (lbs) 8,000
Max Payload (lbs) 2,482
Useful Load (lbs) 3,084
Executive Payload (lbs) 1,800
Available Payload with Max Fuel (lbs) 860
Take Off Distance - Sea Level/ISA (ft) 2,055
Take Off Distance - 5000ft /25degs (ft) 2,950
Max Certificated Altitude (ft) 25,000
High Speed - True Airspeed (kts) 186
Max Payload Range - (NM) 466
Max Fuel Range - (NM) 974
600nm Trip Flight Time 3+18
600nm Trip Fuel Used 1,263
1000nm Trip Flight Time NP
1000nm Trip Fuel Used