Challenger 850 CL-600-2B19



Equipped Price

$ 32,850,000

Pax Exec



The Challenger 850 combines the largest cabin in its class with the dependability and performance of the Bombardier CRJ200 airliner. It features flexible interior configurations, capable of accommodating 15-19 passengers. The Challenger 850 jet has a transcontinental range and a high-speed cruise of Mach 0.80.

Relative to Competitors in Class

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Performance Stats

Noise (db) 78.8/82.4/92.1
Exterior Length (ft) 87.8
Exterior Height (ft) 20.4
Exterior Wingspan (ft) 69.6
Cabin Length Net (ft) 40.2
Cabin Height (ft) 6.1
Cabin Width Max (ft) 8.2
Engines 2 GE CF34-3B1
Output (lbs) 8,729
Inspection Interval (hours) OC
Max Takeoff Weight (lbs) 53,000
Max Payload (lbs) 9,382
Useful Load (lbs) 18,632
Executive Payload (lbs) 3,000
Available Payload with Max Fuel (lbs) 358
Take Off Distance - Sea Level/ISA (ft) 6,305
Take Off Distance - 5000ft /25degs (ft) 11,344
Max Certificated Altitude (ft) 41,000
High Speed - True Airspeed (kts) 459
Max Payload Range - (NM) 1,116
Max Fuel Range - (NM) 3,089
600nm Trip Flight Time 1+32
600nm Trip Fuel Used 3,454
1000nm Trip Flight Time 2+29
1000nm Trip Fuel Used 5,323