Av8Jet is pleased to release a new style ‘Predictive’ Flight Risk Assessment form to allow Crews to Risk Assess a flight before departure.

This feature is designed to be used on an iPad (it works only with WIFI). The 48 toggle buttons provide a more graphical interface to the original form and are divided into 4 categories: Crew, Departure, Enroute and Destination. The form automatically displays the latest METAR data for each airport. Fatigue data is also automatically populated.

​Risk Reports can be saved and re-synced before departure with updates to weather etc.

Av8Jet has now released a bio-mathematical fatigue model for predicting crew fatigue, plotted on a Karolinska Sleepiness Scale over a 7 day period.   Fatigue Risk Management is now mandatory for Part CAT operators and required also for the ICAO 3rd country registers (e.g. VP, M, 2-Reg etc).  ICAO recommends using multiple sources of data for proactive hazard identification, and they state the most important thing to consider is the expected level of fatigue risk using a Bio-mathematical model has an advantage of being forecastable from scheduled flights.

Av8Jet has now released the 7th module in its Av8sms software called ‘Training’ for its SMS platform.  This module tracks Crew Training events (from our own training learning management system) as well as other types of training or events (e.g. passports), and alerts Crew Members with expired and expired event emails.   The Operator gains a total overview of all Crew Training functions and the system can be used for Document Control as well.   The other modules in Av8sms system include Calendar, Checklist, Compliance, SMS, Fatigue Risk Management & Safety Notices.