A truly bespoke operations manual

All EU based jet aircraft whether Part CAT or NCC must have an operations manual, but the production and continuous upkeep of the manual with the latest legal compliance is an unnecessary headache for many operators.

The Av8sms operations manual is not a template, it is a fully customised system tailored for each operator and based around our Av8sms Safety Management System.

Manuals are provided in PDF format, with a full amendment service. We do not make any specific guarantee on compliance (the operator is ultimately responsible for this) however, the monthly technical support fee enables Av8sms to conduct regular checks to ensure each client’s manual is maintained and up-to-date with all existing legislation and to rectify the manual promptly if an amendment to legislation as necessary.

For each operator, relevant material is included in your manual. This includes. but is not limited to, the following:

  • Carriage of Dangerous Goods
  • PBN
  • MNPS
  • Low Visibility Take-Off
  • ADSB
  • A customised Part C Airfield List
  • Use of Electronic Flight Books

For more information on how you can quickly achieve compliance, please contact us below.

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