Av8jet Ltd, has launched a new sister company, Av8jet Charter Ltd, based in Malta to operate Charter flights for its European clients and host aircraft for its growing client base.

The first aircraft added to its Air Operator Certificate is a Piaggio Avanti II, P180, which has a new VIP interior fitted by AeroVisto Interior Services AG in Switzerland.  The Piaggio Avanti II is perfect for charter clients, due to the cabin size, being the same width and height as a Hawker, yet uses up to 40% less fuel for comparable speeds and distances, therefore much cheaper to operate per hour.   With a reduced carbon footprint, the P180 is perfect as sustainability now becomes important for us all.

Av8jet are unique in providing a range of aircraft management services as well as developing their own proprietary software Management System which includes SMS, Fatigue Safety Management, Flight Scheduling and Document control as well as a comprehensive e-learning Training platform for other Part CAT and NCC operators.

Accountable Manager, John Norris said “Our company is built around a very talented team of individuals who share the same safety culture.   Together with them, it has been a pleasure working with the very knowledgeable people at Transport Malta, who have been extremely professional throughout the process”.

Director General of Transport Malta, Mr Charles Pace said “It is always a pleasure when a new company approaches CAD for an AOC.     Av8jet have worked very hard to meet the regulatory requirements required to obtain and retain an EASA AOC.   We are confident that the company will grow and add value to the growing list of companies under our oversight.  I would like to thank the CAD inspectors for their efforts and also Av8Jet for deciding to set up in Malta”.