Online training portal

Our online crew training portal is now available as an APP as well as a Desktop application. Each operator has its own login to administer their own crews and ground personnel training. It covers most operator ground training obligations with the exemption of Classroom CRM (required for Multi Pilot Operator), First Aid and Practical Usage of Fire Extinguishers. Compliance Data for each user is stored online for each course completed, and re-currency reminders sent automatically. It includes more than 30 Training Courses include the following topics:

  • Company Operations Manual including compliance
  • Airborne Collision Avoidance System (ACAS),
  • Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS),
  • Flights into Regions with Volcanic Ash
  • Winter Operations/Critical Surface Contamination Training
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM)
  • Reduced Navigation Performance (RNP)
  • Safety Management System Training
  • Ground Ops/Taxying (for engineers etc.)
  • Passenger Safety Training material (for passengers)
  • Use of Electronic Flight Books (contained within the Company Training)
  • Fatigue Risk Management Systems
  • RVSM
  • ​High-Level Airspace (MNPS)
  • Dangerous Goods (3 courses for Crew, Cabin Crew & Ground Ops)
  • Security
  • Low Visibility Procedures
  • Use of Minimum Equipment Lists (for Ground & Flight Personnel)
  • ADSB
  • Command Upgrade
  • GDPR Regulations
  • Use Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs)
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