Technical oversight

Av8Jet can arrange the continuing airworthiness management and oversee the technical requirements of your aircraft. All Europe-based aircraft must have an appropriate technical management operation in place, this should include:

  • Developing a maintenance programme for the aircraft
  • Organising the approval of the aircraft’s maintenance programme
  • Organising a bridging check with the aircraft’s prior maintenance programme
  • Arranging for all maintenance to be carried out by an approved maintenance organisation
  • Arranging for all applicable mandatory airworthiness directives to be accomplished
  • Arranging for all defects discovered during scheduled maintenance, or reported by the owner/operator, to be corrected by an approved maintenance organisation
  • Coordinating the replacement of life-limited parts and component inspection requirements
  • Informing the owner each time that the aircraft should be presented to an approved maintenance organisation
  • Managing and archiving all technical records
  • Organising for the approval of any modification to the aircraft before it is embodied
  • Organising for the approval of any repair to the aircraft before it is carried out
  • Carrying out the airworthiness review of the aircraft when necessary and complete the airworthiness review certificate or recommendation to the Member State Aviation Authority and the State of Registry (if outside the EC)
  • Carrying out all occurrence reporting mandated by applicable regulations
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