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Av8sms consists of two platforms: a back office operator platform with Safety Management at its core, and an Aviation Learning Management System.

Designed for Owners, Operators and MROs and comply with the ICAO Annex 6 and EU Air Operations regulations (EU Reg. 965/2012) and Part CAMO (EU Re. 1321/2014).

Our modular operator platform provides a portal delivering a truly bespoke solution to the legal requirements and supplying a safe framework for your operations.

Available on both desktop and mobile.

9 different modules to tailor the system to

your preference…


  • Schedule flights
  • Book handling
  • Audit handlers
  • Manage passenger details
  • Produce itineraries for passengers and crew
  • Roster crews and other staff
  • Worldwide Airport Database
  • FBO management


  • Dynamic system to suit almost any type of workflow for flight and non flight checklists.
  • Generic templates are setup for each operator.
  • Operators views/edits own checklists.
  • Traffic light system.
  • Emergency Response Plan.


  • Compliance Audit function
  • Create Audits (simple or advanced options)
  • Save/Load Audit Templates
  • Linked to Legal Library
  • Add, Action, Close and check Effectiveness on Findings
  • Add Documentation to Audits throughout
  • Legal Libraries exist for Part CAMO, 145, CAT, NCC and Part ORO
  • Meeting Manage to track meeting agendas, attendees, minutes and subsequent actions.
  • Task Manager collates all outstanding tasks or actions for an individual in one area.


  • Integrated with Quickbooks
  • Accounts Ledgers
  • Actual Costs Report
  • Client Balance (both actual and estimated expenditure)
  • Expense Summary (approval of Card, Bills, Reclaims, Credits)
  • Reconcile Account
  • Sales Income forecasting
  • Owner portal and client calendar

FRMS & Flight Times

  • Crew surveys
  • Flight time duty tracking
  • Fatigue risk reporting
  • Bio-mathematical model uses the FTL data for predicting pilot fatigue
  • Tracks Post Flight Times and Return flight paperwork

Notices & Documents

  • Airfield Briefs
  • Documents
  • Document Categories
  • Safety Notices with Read Tracking


  • Handle Quotes in seconds
  • Fully integrated with Avinode
  • Calculates Trips based on existing Calendar
  • Costs and Prices all requests
  • Creates Quotes, Contracts and Invoices

SMS Advanced

  • ECCAIRS Compatible
  • Integrated with EASA and Isle of Man for Mandatory Occurrence Reports to be submitted to the Competent Authorities directly from the System
  • Based on ARMS methodology with Event Risk Classification (ERC)
  • Confidential reporting option
  • Hazard Event Register
  • Flight Predictive Assessments
  • Safety Issue Risk Assessments (SIRA)
  • Safety Performance Monitoring
  • Management of Change


  • Track av8sms training and user defined events for any personnel.
  • Automatic Reminders sent out.
  • Automatic Certificates of Completion.
  • Training compliance paperwork saved.


  • Air Passenger Duty
  • Aircraft Engine Oil Consumption
  • Aircraft Forecast
  • Aircraft Hours (historical)
  • Airport Qualifications
  • Audit Report (open findings)
  • Client Schedule Forecast
  • Client Schedule History
  • Crew Flights
  • Crew Hours & Cosmic Radiation
  • Crew Schedule
  • Emissions
  • EFC Reports
  • Fatigue Exceedance
  • Fatigue Risk Analysis
  • Flight Call Signs
  • Flight Risk Analysis
  • Flying Duty Times
  • Per Diems
  • Safety Notice Report
  • Summary SIRA
  • Summary SMS Events
  • Tax Report
  • Training Expiring


  • Manage Documents, Safety Notices and Categories
  • Operator preferences for FTL, Contracts,
  • Employees and User database
  • Manage Roles and Company Positions
  • Manage Aircraft
  • Manage Airports
  • Manage Checklists
  • Manage Clients
  • Manage FBOs
  • Manage Passengers
  • Manage Safety Performance Indicators
  • Manage Suppliers
  • Manage Training Events

Navigate with ease in our new innovative app for iPhone.

Extra “Comms” feature allows user to send quick pre-set messages to crew or certain individuals with the touch of a button.

Expertly formulated modules to provide an internal and external integrated solution to your total operational management.

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