Safety management

Aircraft Owners and Operators have hundreds of legal obligations to comply with and taking care of those headaches can be solved in many ways.   Our integrated Safety Management System, av8sms is an online web based framework for your compliance with ICAO requirements and EU Regulations.   Beyond SMS, the system provides many other back-office functions for the operator.

The system is modular so that certain features can be turned on or off.  In addition to Safety Management, av8sms has modules covering Calendar/Flight Scheduling/Rostering; Management Workflows/Checklists; Compliance Audit; Fatigue Risk Management and FTL; Notices & Documents; Quoting (with link to Avinode) and Training.   The system has a large number of Reports and Export functions, plus an Administration section which allows operators to control the aircraft, users etc.

av8sms uses the ICAO ARMS Methodology and is ECCAIRS compatible, which is the EASA and UK system for capturing Mandatory Occurrence Reports.  These can, optionally, be submitted to your Competent Authority directly from the System or it can produce an E5X file for uploading later.    It is also compatible with the Isle of Man authority for automatic reporting.   Reports can be made confidentially or with transparency by users and they cover not just aircraft events but Health and Safety too.

In addition to reporting risks, and maintaining an Event register, the system allows you to analysis the data, perform Safety Risk Assessments; handle Change Management, and set and administer Safety Indicators and Targets.

The Fatigue Risk Management System allows operators and crew to monitor duties.  The system administers crew surveys, post flight details, tracks flight time duties and assesses fatigue risks.  Warnings are given when flights are added or edited.  av8sms also has a bio-mathematical model which uses FTL data for predicting pilot fatigue. This is plotted against a Karolinska Sleepiness scale over a 7-day period.

Document Management and Safety Notices are handled through the system in addition to Airport Classifications and briefings.

The Compliance-Audit module allows Audit Checklists to be created, with references to a Regulatory Legal Library. Findings, responsibilities, and actions can be added so that the Auditee can easily track and close the findings.

The optional Quoting Module integrates with Avinode to import Requests and allows operators to calculate costs, generate Quotes and Contracts for flights, allocates crew, checks FTL, then automatically turns those accepted quotes in Calendar flights.

av8sms keeps track of your Meetings. New meetings can be added and setup from scratch, or you can use a previous meeting template.  Meeting Tasks can be added and tracked in the Task Manager.

The Task Manager provides the user with the ability to add their own one off and reoccurring tasks.  It also generates around 20 different types of system tasks, which are role dependent.

av8sms has an User/Employee module for administration of HR information, as well as maintaining details on Aircraft, Roles, Positions, Checklists, Airport Briefings, Documents etc.

av8sms is designed to be intuitive and easy to use and to take care of the Operator’s obligations.