Safety management

The first part of the solution is an online Safety Management System (SMS) portal, around which the operation can function.

There are 7 tools within our software: Calendar, Checklist, Compliance, SMS, FRMS (Fatigue Risk Management System), Safety Notices, and Training Worksheet.

The SMS tool uses a Predictive Flight Risk Assessment as well as Proactive and Reactive SMS tools.

The SMS Tracking system tracks risks and assessments and manages mitigation and controls. Hazards and Flight Risks Assessments are tracked, and reports are generated to graphically view performance.

The FRMS includes Pro-active and Reactive Fatigue reporting, Flight Duty Records and Analysis and Tracking.

Our Calendar system allows you to record flights, produce Passenger Manifests and Trip Itineraries, which can optionally be sent out to Crew and Clients through our WhatsApp interface.

Av8sms includes an Operational Checklist System, which defines processes and procedures between roles within the operator. Included is an NCC template which can be amended by the operator as required

For each phase of flight, procedures are defined. These generate simple online/offline checklists to discharge your operational responsibilities. Emails can be automated to notify other users of the completion of tasks.

Other non-flight checklists can also be set up. For example, the Emergency Response Plan, or Volcanic Ash Procedures. The system can be equally be used as a formal Crew Despatch System, or simply used as an Aide-Memoire for discharging regulatory requirements.